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Platform: Wii U, Windows, OS, Linux and other game consoles
No. of players: 1-4 players
Release Date: TBD
Genre: Arcade Racing

‘90s Arcade Racer is a high-speed racing game inspired by 3D arcade classics that dominated arcades and our minds in the mid-through late '90s. Our intention is to capture the feel and pure racing fun that was prevalent in racing games during this time, long before licensing and attempting to simulate reality became such a driving for in racing games.

Through clever art direction, 90AR evokes the look and feel of days by-gone with vivid blue skies and over-the-top tracks, cars and arcade-style physics. Play through the game in Arcade Mode and unlock additional tracks, secrets and options or replay any course in Time Trial Mode setting the best leaderboard time. 90AR brings it all together with with modern game design focused on fun and instant accessibility and HD visuals.


Custom designed arcade-style physics
Four colorful tracks, each with two alternate courses and day/night sessions.
Three car classes with multiple vehicles within each class
Unlockable secret vehicles
Unlockable hidden vehicle liveries
Up to 30 rivals per race
An all-star musical soundtrack