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Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PS Vita
No. of players: 1 player
Release Date: Available now
Genre: Arcade, Action, Puzzle
ESRB Rating: E10+

VVVVVV (pronounced many ways, including "Vee", "VVVVVV" or as the letter V six times) is a 2D action-platformer deeply rooted in the 8-bit era of video games down to the incredibly challenging gameplay and long list of secrets. Without the ability to jump, Captain Viridian must rely on inverting gravity to advance. Discover hundreds of rooms and puzzles and flip through a massive world.

This love letter to the days of Commodore features amazingly retro gameplay, a genuinely classic visual aesthetic and chiptune music (by Swedish musician, Magnus Palsson). 3D and on the go with your Nintendo 3DS.


Open-world environment with six unique areas

Full 3D awesomeness integrated into the retro-looking art style

Dual screen functionality with a real-time map!

20 Trinkets to locate and collect

New Featured Levels

Music by Magnus Palsson

Awarded for "Most Fun and Compelling" by IndieCade

Nintendo Power Magazine's 2011 eShop Game of the Year!